Custom FinancialForce ERP Solutions

Cloud solutions to support your core business operations and goals

Icon is the Premier FinancialForce Implementation Partner for Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Financial Force Accounting (FFA) implementations. We have successfully implemented PS Organizations ranging in size from just 15 to over 600 consultants, including for Software Vendors, Services Organizations, Value Added Resellers, and many more. Our ability to provide working systems quickly, with less cost and hassle shows, as we have completed more successful FinancialForce implementations than any other partner.

The Icon Advantage

Our experience and proprietary PSA Best Practice approach are the primary reasons more companies have selected Icon than any other partner. Our PSA Best Practice approach is a configuration and training package which provides the foundation for rapid adoption, enhanced collaboration, control of project delivery, and visibility of project metrics and organizational KPIs. The approach was developed and fully tested on our own internal PSA implementation as well as from lessons learned and adoption patterns from client projects.

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A Customized Solution to Your Requirements

Our Agile Implementation Process ensures that we build a solution to meet your business needs. During scoping and requirements, we actively work with your key stakeholders to identify and capture your requirements in our user story framework. As we deliver your project, we iterate through the scoped stories to implement features incrementally, allowing you to prioritize the stories that are important to you. This approach manages project risk by allowing priorities to change as requirements change. Our goal is to keep the cost very low for you to change your mind.

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Our Comprehensive Rollout Strategy

Icon works with your core project team to hone your organizations skills and capabilities through training, demonstration, iterative co-development, review, observation, and advice. Our extensive project experience has shown that teams truly learn new solutions, processes, and techniques best by applying them with a seasoned guide. And after you are live, we provide support and Health Monitoring services to keep your solutions running optimally.

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